Slough Borough Council New Headquarters

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Slough Borough Council

Our new headquarters

Slough Borough Council has over a thousand staff that they were looking to relocate into their newly purchased site, Windsor Road.

This move was to support their regeneration scheme to increase footfall in the town centre and also be more accessible to their customers.

The multi-million pound project itself lasted just under a year and entailed the construction, design and new build of 5 floors comprising of approx. 111,000 sq ft as well as the move management of staff in a phased approach whilst works were still taking place.


The project itself was very complex and came with its challenges that we successfully overcame and delivered on time.

The building was designed with the aim of introducing agile working, innovative IT and AV solutions, enhancing the working environment for staff and bringing back some of the Civic and historical elements of Slough as the Leadership desired.

Through clever design, we reduced the footprint required which enabled Slough to have 2 floors that they could potentially lease for income generation.

We introduced a biophilic design that incorporated the external natural elements, materials and textures in an indoor environment. Biophilia is known to have positive effects on mental health, wellbeing and workplace productivity.

We also created a state-of-the-art council chamber with a modern twist, new ways of flexible working, meeting spaces, not just relying on desks, project and innovation areas.  Majority of all materials and fabrics used and sourced in this project were either recycled or came from sustainable sources, something we are passionate about throughout our work is supporting the environment.

Slough Borough Council headquarters has been a design inspiration for many organisations and local authorities and has received huge accolades.


The success of Sloughs prestigious headquarters project was celebrated officially and the building was opened by James Swindlehurst, Leader of the Council, Tan Dhesi, MP for Slough, Josie Wragg Chief Executive of Slough Council and the key project team.

Included within the ceremony was unveiling of the new buildings name, Observatory House, named after the original site that William Herschel, the famous astronomer, and his sister Caroline used.  

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