Community Investment –

Giving back to the Community

One of the key areas of our social responsibility and long-term commitment is to support charities and community initiatives.

Whether it’s donating our time to hospices or donations to charitable organisations we at Komfort always strive to assist.

We are very fortunate to have a multi skilled workforce in the sector that we operate in and we encourage all our employees to support community organisations and charities by sharing their time, expertise and skills.

We also believe in giving back and supporting our local businesses through our supply chain and ensure that where possible our materials are sourced from sustainable resources, because as much as we are committed in supporting the community areas where we work and live, we are also passionate about supporting the environment.



Office for Zero Emission Vehicles

We are authorised Installers under Government Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) Commercial Charge Point Scheme which covers the following:
Workplace charging scheme
EV charge-point grants for Commercial Landlords
EV Infrastructure grant for Staff and fleets
You can find us on the Governments website below.
If you have a requirement for an EV installation please contact us:

Building sustainability into a project

Construction projects can have a major impact on the surrounding environment and we try our very best to ensure that we minimise this and look at reducing any risk and instead look at providing long term benefit.

Reduce our carbon footprint

We are proud to continually retain the Considerate Contractors certification and ensure as part of our duty of care that our fleet, waste and hazardous materials management procedures and that of our subcontractors have minimal impact on the environment.


In all our projects, it is important that we comply with all the WEEE, NAWDC, Waste Management Regulations, Environmental Protection Act, Hazardous Waste Regulations and all other relevant guidance to help support our working practices.

Training & Development

All our staff receive regular training so they are kept up to date with legislation and best practise on site. We also take our responsibility seriously to ensure the health, safety and protection of our subcontractors and anyone that may be affected by our projects. We continue to make available resources to ensure that our suppliers and customers are educated and made fully aware of their legislative responsibilities and related activities.


Whether on site or in the office, we are all about changing everyday behaviours and making recycling a part of our everyday life – our motto is waste less recycle more!

Supply Chain

We carefully procure and vet our supply chain so that any products, materials and equipment we use, are ethically sourced and comply with the sustainability standards and all packaging used is environmentally friendly.

Energy Efficiency

Our aim is to provide the Client an end result that can contribute towards an excellent EPC, SKA or BREEAM rating which can also offer financial pay back by exploring smart systems, lighting and technology that can be utilised.